Trust and Transparency in Mining

Karuschain provides a trusted single source of data to the mining value chain,

enabling miners and investors to make business critical decisions with confidence

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Karuschain SmartTracks

SmartTracks provides insight and verifiability to the activity between the ERP, contract management, and overall performance management. Offering contract obligation management, supplier onboarding/qualifications and a performance management scorecard all verified on blockchain


Karuschain SecureCapture

Mining companies rely on a variety of disparate systems, our Blockchain solution streamlines the data flow and integrates the data from these existing tech ecosystems allowing for real time audit opportunities and enabling overall trust and transparency


Karuschain AssetValuation

AssetValuation is focused on providing verifiable data with regard to mining due diligence easing the source data collection process and providing a common platform for the multiple data sources across the mining value chain

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